Biratnagar custom office's seven employees infected with corona virus !!

Originated from the Chinese City of Wuhan, the corona virus has now spread all over the world. No vaccination or medicine of any kind have been announced yet.


Currently, there are 34,418 reports of corona virus cases in Nepal, 175 people have already died due to the virus and 19,50 people have successfully recovered from the disease so far.


Still there are 14,739 active cases of corona virus in Nepal. More than 10,000 people have been isolated in different hospitals across Nepal. Almost 5,000 people are under home isolation and also a few people are on ventilators and intensive care units. A prohibitory order has also been issued in different districts of the country.


Recently, Seven employees of the Biratnagar Customs have tested positive for the corona virus. After the border being more strict due to the corona virus, only a small amount of cargo has come from third countries through the Jogbani border.


From India, more than 150 trucks enter Nepal through different border's daily. Officials suspect that the employees may have contracted the virus during the custom inspections of the goods being brought from India in the trucks.


Official Gopi Upreti has said that all the seven corona virus confirmed employees were Subba level employees. Another custom employee has said that the custom inspection of the other goods being imported has also been affected as other employees of the custom office were afraid to come to the office due to the risk of corona virus infection.


Vijendra Parasar, president of the Customs Agents' Association, said that going to the border for the custom inspections was like getting infected from corona virus on purpose. No commercial goods have arrived from Jogbani border, however food , hydropower goods, some industrial raw materials, petroleum products and other essential products are being imported almost regularly.