Best encrypted messaging apps !!!

When it comes to messaging, you are possibly looking for a little extra privacy. If that's the case, you might want to consider end to end encryption activated messaging app. If you don't want your messaged to be used for marketing purposes, or minimize the risk of your texts being hacked.

So, here are the encrypted messaging apps you can consider using in case you are seeking some privacy.



Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is one of the most well known and commonly used encrypted messaging app in the market.This could be a good choice for you if you already have a bunch of people you know that use the same app. WhatsApp comes with a tonnes of features, all end to end encrypted. Available for free on both Android and ios, this app is a all rounder.


Though not as mainstream as much as WhatsApp is, Telegram is also a well known app. With same bells and whistles, Telegram has an additional feature of disappearing messages. If you have some sensitive information that you don't want saved, you can consider using this app. This app also alerts you when someone takes a screenshot of your message. This app is also available on both android and ios for free.


This application is incredibly reputable encrypted option. You won't be served with ads or charge using this app. Though, there are a few bugs such as small file size limit, this app is great in general. You can get Signal for free on both android and ios.


In case you are looking for complete anonymity, Threema is the app. When signed up, you'll receive a unique Threema ID instead or providing your phone number or email address. However, this app is not completely free. You'll have to pay a one time cost of $4.99, which is not at all bad considering the level of anonymity you get. You can get this app after paying the one time charges on both android and ios.


This app is known for the disappearing messages. You will have the ability to remove the message from both yours and the recipients device. Also, the message history automatically gets deleted after 24 hours. This app is also free and available on both android and ios.