Belgian government provides Ten free journey rail pass to the citizens !!!

On Saturday, The Belgian government announced that ten journey rail pass will be provided to all of it's residents for free, as a measure to boost the economy and the domestic tourism.

Higher welfare payments, VAT cut, €300 tax deductible gift check, that the employer's can give their staffs for use in restaurants, theater, museum etc were some of the other announcements made by the government.

On June 8, Belgium started easing the lockdown and entered the third phase of lockdown. Almost every businesses have reopened with implementation of social distancing measures.

The exit of Belgium from the lockdown has been really swift, however, it is one of the worst hit European nation with almost 10,000 deaths.

Also, Belgium will reopen the border with other European countries, starting from the 15th of June. The ten journey rail pass, ordinarily available for the passengers aged over 26 for €83, will be distributed for free to the citizens for use till December 1. Also, the residents can take their bikes on the train, for no cost.

The major cities as well as the forested hills of Belgium are accessible by Train.

Though, it seems like a great innovation for the country to ease out of the lockdown, the national rail company said that the government neglected to consult them.