2.9 crore Indians Personal information Hacked, Leaked on Dark web!

On Saturday, an intelligence firm, Cyble has affirmed that a major cyber crime had been committed and the personal data of about 2.9 million indians that were looking for occupations have been spilled on dark web for FREE!!

The intelligence firm, Cyble has recently uncovered hacking of a Indian education technology firm Unacademy, subsidized by Facebook and Sequoia in a blog post on Friday. The blog post additionally shared a screenshot of the file which is as large as 2.3 GB and was posted on one of the hacking forums. 

Folders in the name of some of the leading job websites in India has also showed up on the screenshot that was posted by the intelligence firm, Cyble in a blog  however the company has been independently investigating the source of the leak.

As indicated by Cyble, the intelligence firm the source of the leak appears to have originated from a resume aggregator given the sheer volume and detailed information.

29.1 million Indian jobseeker’s  personal details have been leaked by the hackers in deep web for free. Usually, this sorts of leaks are seen all the time but this time it has been a focal point of consideration as it incorporated tons of personal details.

The breach includes the sharing of some of the absolute delicate informations such as email, phone number, home address, educational qualification, work experience and more. 

Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for such personal information as it helps them so as to conduct various nefarious activities including identity thefts, scams, corporate espionages and many more.