100 million loss to the dairy farmer's !!!

The lockdown imposed in Nepal, for the controlling of the spread of coronavirus has hit the dairy business really hard.

After the enforcement of lockdown in Nepal from the 24th of the March, milk work at about Rs 100 million has been wasted, as per the Nepal dairy association.

Only 35% of the produced total milk has been able to make it up to the market and almost 65% of the milk has totally been wasted.

Though, the impact of COVID-19 didn't seemed that bad when the lockdown first began, there has been a massive decline in the consumption of milk after the closure of the hotels and restaurants.

Before, when milk was not enough, powder was used for compensating the milk. However, the Industry has been severely affected at the peak season.

As of now, the association has Rs 5 billion worth dairy products which will expire soon enough.

All the concerned authorities were instructed to distribute the milk products to all 7 provinces and district committees by the National Milk Development board.

Few milk products and milk has been distributed by the board to some security forces, senior citizen ashram's health workers, hospitals, childcare centers, and quarantine centers.

Before, the Dairy Development Corporation sold at around 100 thousand litres of milk per day in Kathmandu, however after the lockdown, the sales of milk has been limited to 73 thousand liters per day.

As per the Dairy Development Corporation, the only public corporation in the industry, the production of milk has not been challenged by the lockdown, but there is a challenge in the market manipulation.

Rajendra Adhikari, DDC's Deputy General Manager said that, lockdown has no impacts on the production of milk, but the market management has been a problem.

The peak season for the production and collection of milk is between April to September, however the pandemic has disrupted the consumption of the milk.