1 million masks sell out in 30 minutes !!!

On Thursday, in one of the major cosmetic chains in Taiwan, 1 million surgical face masks put on shelves in the store has been sold within half an hour. 

Poya, on the first day of selling unrationed masks to the customer's across the chain of 230 stores across Taiwan saw their shelves empty within 30 minutes.

The surgical face masks were being sold in packages of five or boxes of 50 by the Taiwan based company. Also, the masks were available for both children's and adults.

On Thursday, customer's were free to buy as much masks as they wanted. However, the company is now planning to consider restrictions in the future sales to one purchase per customer.

A lot of people complained about having to go home empty handed instead of being in lines for hours outside the stores. Poya has said that next week more orders are due to go on sale.

On Wednesday, another major cosmetic chain, COSMED has also begun accepting online order's for face masks. Sales of the surgical masks have been rapid so far.

The company also said that it's 400 stores across taiwan will start the sales of a 50 mask box for NT$299 on Friday. Every customer will be limited to buy one box per visit.

In Taiwan, apart from other cosmetic chains, other shopping sites including Kimo Shopping Mall, PChome24h Shopping, Yahoo also reported the sales of thousands of surgical face masks in less than 10 minutes that were on sale on the open market.
momoshop.com.tw, another major e-commerce platform has also reported the sales of 10,000 masks, the same day, that too within a matter of minutes.